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Species Action Plans

The Biodiversity Action Plan is made up of a series of documents produced from 2000 to 2005.

Species Action Plans have been produced to provide a framework for action to conserve and enhance the Island’s biodiversity. These plans link with national Habitat Action Plans.

The majority of these plans were written by Jonathan Cox, under the direction of the Isle of Wight Biodiversity Action Plan Steering Group. Many organisations have been consulted in their preparation, to ensure that they receive support from those who will have the responsibility for carrying out the actions they propose. Steering Group members and the wider IW BAP Partnership.

In the majority of cases, the actions proposed in these Species Action Plans will also meet the requirements of the species associated with them. A small number of Species Action Plans have been produced for species with particular requirements.

Each Species Action Plan follows the format:

The objectives are based on the following principles:

The actions are grouped under the headings:

The progress of each plan is monitored annually and reported to the Steering Group. Each plan will be reviewed and revised as appropriate at five-yearly intervals.

The Biodiversity Action Plan is a working document and will be subject to change, particularly as new information becomes available. The species tables produced in the audit of July 2000 have been reviewed in the light of further information received from local specialists, and as a part of ongoing survey work. Further revisions will be produced as necessary.

Relationship between Species Habitat Action Plans and Isle of Wight Local Biodiversity Action Plan

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