Isle of Wight Local Records Centre


IWLRC is a partnership-led biological records centre hosted by the Isle of Wight Council. Launched in April 2010, IWLRC has been established with the aim of collecting, collating, managing and disseminating information on the Island's wildlife; making it available to all those who need it, on a not-for-profit basis in a cost-effective way. This information plays an essential role in decision-making at all levels, helping to protect and improve biodiversity on the Island and beyond.

Its work is overseen by the Isle of Wight Biodiversity Steering Group, which has representation from a wide range of organisations with an interest in the Island’s biodiversity.

IWLRC maintains a computerised databases relating to habitats, statutory nature conservation sites and Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs), a non-statutory designation which highlights the importance of a site for wildlife within the context of the Isle of Wight. In addition it holds species records of rare and protected species derived from the database of the Isle of Wight Natural History and Archaeological Society and other recording groups and specialist surveys.

The IWLRC is much more than the database of records it manages. It provides tailored data services, taking account of local policies and priorities. By working with local and national experts, it validates and verifies data to known standards, enabling them to be used with confidence. Much of the data managed by IWLRC is gathered by highly dedicated expert volunteer recorders and it helps to make this valuable data resource available to local and national users promptly, and in a suitable format.

The information IWLRC is able to access is a valuable resource for the Island. It supports the work of its partner organisations which include departments within the local authority, nature conservation bodies and statutory organisations. It is also available to be used by landowners, consultants, students, local groups and the public to assist with environmental assessment, land management, private research and study.

Information is supplied for forward planning and development control, Local Sites monitoring and reporting, hedgerow enquiries, highway maintenance, control of invasive species, monitoring and planning for climate change, reporting on Government indicators, biodiversity action planning, biodiversity offsetting and managing flood risk.

The aims of IWLRC

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