Go Wild on Wight

Biodiversity and You

Nature is all around us; in our gardens, village greens, open spaces and the wider countryside. It may seem unchanging and unchangeable, but the majority of the nature that we see, hear, smell and touch has been influenced by our hands and continues to be so.

Surveys show how highly residents value the natural environment, but there is often the feeling that the Islandís wildlife and countryside look after themselves, and so they are taken for granted.

We all appreciate the value of nature and this can bring communities together, create new opportunities to share in new experiences and to make friends.

Involvement in a project to improve the wildlife of an area helps the community to develop respect and responsibility for their surroundings, and can help reduce problems of vandalism. But for there to be real success, there needs to be the backing of the individuals and groups that make up our community. This section contains suggestions of ways you can get involved.

Walking on Mottistone DownRowing down the stream

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